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eridans-superior-half asked: i have a question about the last eridan drawing you did (the one where hes sitting on a throne) , i really like it and i was looking at it and noticed marks on his arms, are those cuts? Like self harm cuts?

Oh, apologies I forgot I had notifications turned off so I’m not sure when you sent this ask. 

No they’re not self harm cuts. The story behind that particular piece is that particular version of Eridan was bonded to HP Lovecraftian Old Ones and it was part of his punishment for his hubris and payment for power (See the spoopy wand). 

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scoop-life asked: dude those off/journey designs are the coolest thing ive seen all week (and i've seen a lot of cool stuff) whats journey like though, it seems like an awesome game but ill probably never get to play it

thanks you!

Journey is quite possibly the most beautiful game I ever got my hands on, with absolutely no hyperbole. I was quite literally near tears by the end of it. It’s less of a game-game more of an interactive art piece.

You play a traveler thats trying to get to a mountain with a beacon of light at the top, and go through several different stages. It’s not very long, I think it took me maybe four hours? but the settings are gorgeous.

Unfortunately its a ps3 exclusive, and I only got to play it once on my friends console.

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